How to Write a Letter Online

Writing a letter online is the easiest way to send an authentic message in our world today.

world on paper

Real world letter sending can be seen as a tedious task from the sitting down to writing it then putting it together and posting it but....

letter frustration

Text A Letter allows you from only a few taps on your phone to make a high-quality letters that also are hand done art pieces.

Writing a letter online couldn't be any easier then with Text A Letter.


To write a letter online follow each step as follows 1.) Download app 2.) Fill out body text, name and signature fields 3.) Upload your photo to be hand drawn (optional) 4.) Choose your paper, envelope and seal 5.) Address it to where it needs to go and we'll get it there asap. 3-5 business days without artwork 7-10 with hand drawn artwork.


  1. iOS Device
  2. Have a letter to write in mind
  3. Have a Photo to be hand drawn (optional)




Lets Get Started

If you prefer a visual, the app tutorial video below will break it down quickly.

App Video Tutorial

1.) Download App

First you got to download the mobile app for your iOS device.

After downloaded and ready to go you'll see these entry pages that will tell you a bit more about the app.

After you go through these pages...

2.) Choose Format

It's time for you to choose how you would like your letter to be formatted. 

Personal Letter Format

Option 1: Personal letter format is for a more formal settings like a job interview, sending a letter to a judge, subscription letter cancellation. 

​​Or even a formal template to send to friends this would be the option to choose of the two.With this format chosen we will structure a letter to cater to the style type that's shown bellow.

Main difference being return address being displayed so if that is of importance to you be sure to choose the formal template.

In this format you'll find these fields to fill in to write your letter online.


Depending upon how you want your letter sent you can use your Enter key on your device to space out your paragraphs or statements you type to be written or printed based off of your preference.

Open Letter Format

Option 2: Open letter format is my favorite, this one is more free versed styled writing no real formal structure to it

This format is if you are just sending a letter to a friend or reaching out to anyone but it isn't that serious in which a template would be needed. When writing a letter online or in general it definitely varies.

Disclaimer: For both letter writing formats be sure to write your letter exactly the way it will be printed or handwritten because we do not edit your letters.

If you are just trying to send a basic letter and don't want to wow them with hand done artwork by professional artists.

You can Get Started NOW, letters without artwork Start at $5

3.) Now It's Time To Add ART!!!




*Real artwork is what sets Text A Letter a part from the rest.*

On both letter formats you will see a camera at the top right corner of the screen.

When this icon is pressed you'll be prompted to either upload your own photo to be hand drawn (By a real artist)

You can also take a live photo like Mel's mom does here:

After you take your photo or chose a photo from your photo gallery its time to   decide where you want your image drawn.

You can choose to have your photo hand drawn on a variety of positions on your envelope or paper.

The upload happens after a position is chosen upload GIF after the load is done you can now choose how you want your stationery to look.


Baby Hand Drawn on Envelope

Lucky Four Leaf Clover on Paper

Facial Profile Drawn on 12 x 12 Velcro Envelope

About The Art:

We have a team of really talented artist that will make your photo into an ABSOLUTE masterpiece.

Know that having a photo uploaded into the app and taking it to the check out is supporting Real Artists not computer generated artwork. We could easily just print out your photos on your stationary options but REAL LETTERS deserve REAL ARTWORK.

In a world where everything is going to computer automation, paying humans for real artwork is what we stand by.


There's a whole bunch of cool combinations you can come up with for a truly unique letter.

Tip: The options you choose are going to be the canvas for your letter + art so definitely keep in mind whatever you choose will be worked on.

Option 1 Paper: you decide which paper you want, the further you go in app the more decorative your paper options get.

Option 2 Envelope: Choose your envelope.

We have a bunch of cool styles for you to choose from:

Here you'll find your standard felt paper textures. These are all blank canvases and then the further down you go.

You'll stumble upon our decorative envelope  options and towards the end you'll see the premium 9 11 velcro envelopes.

Recommendation: These are our biggest envelope offering that is suggested if you're getting artwork on paper and don't want your artwork folded into a regular envelope.

Option 3 Envelope Seal: Lastly you'll get to your envelope seal options these start at $0.75 and they always add an extra spice to every note we send out.

Seal Example:​​​​

That concludes all the other building options now it's time to address it to where it needs to go and decide how you want your letter handwritten.

5.) Where's It Going ? 

Here is where you will address your letter, both where it's coming from (sender's address) and where it's going to (recipient's address). Letters can be sent to multiple countries all across the globe.

6.) Handwriting Styles

Bubbly Style

Messy Style

Moderate Style

Tell us where it's coming from so if there's any problems with the address you gave to us we could send it back to you promptly

Lastly if you want your letter handwritten by our team be sure to choose which writing style you would like your letter completed in

​Follow these easy steps and you'll be able to send the most personal heartfelt piece of communication offered online.

Writing letters online couldn't be any easier than with Text A Letter.

For your next message don't you send it through iMessage Let It Be crystallized forever as the realest form of communication ever invented old school letter.



"Dope app something not costly but yet still very valuable and personal to send to someone special... Highly recommended"

Anna Olson 



"5 stars for the artists who were able to capture exactly what I wanted from the pictures I sent"

Emma Stewart


"I used this app to check my address to see if I can receive letters, I received the letter, the envelop is very good looking, the letter paper is a very good material."

Julie Moore 


"​Can't believe how beautiful my letters came out definitely will be ordering"


/ Review


"Couldn't believe a service like this even existed ordered my first letter and i don't think theres any turning back"



"Heather made the art for my wife beautifully super recommended artist"



"High quality letters i wouldn't order my letters from a anywhere else without a doubt"


/ Review


"Love what my letter came out like had to find u after I got a letter at Camp send 5 ever since 🙂 "





About Us

We're providing real art at the touch of a button while making it convenient to do a form of communication that's dying simply because it's inconvenient. We're bringing letters back in style! In today's day an age for any occasion you run into your local Walgreens/CVS and grab some basic card and scribble a couple of words on it and hand it to your loved one. Text A Letter is a 1 of 1 piece of art based upon your wishes that gets framed by our you all and not just tossed around. We bring a whole new level to sending greetings in our day and age, conveniently.You really have to care about the person to plan in advance to get a letter in on time whether we're writing the letter or the customer is with our high quality stationary. If you want to send a letter to the person through mail you can; Or you can send the letter with the completed artwork on it and hand it to your loved one yourself. 

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