5 Funny Types of Letters to Write a Friend

Writing can always seem a bit intimidating but let's kill the tension and have some fun!!!

Here's five types of letters to write a well-deserving friend.

1.) Play with age birthday letter
2.) Super secret inside joke letter 
3.) Clowning current events letter
4.) Completely wasting their time letters
5.) Tell a story about your kids

If these titles are all you needed to get the creative juices flowing then go ahead and start writing your letter!!!

Keep reading on...

How To Send A Letter From Your iPhone:

Step 1.) Download Text A Letter
Step 2.) Choose Letter Format
Step 3.) Add Artwork To Letter
Step 4.) Build Your Letter 
Step 5.) Address it
If you prefer a visual, the app tutorial video below will break it down quickly.

Quick Tutorial Video

Now Here's Some Funny Letters To Send!

1.) Getting Old Birthday Letter:

Birthdays are just another year on the old dusty age board celebrating your friend with some humor on their new milestone is always a way to go!!!

We all have that friend that obsesses over reaching a new year whether it's finally turning legal drinking age or dreading the fact that they're about to turn 30 there's a multitude of ways to poke fun at friends like these.

I remember growing up as a kid I always had the later birthday in the year, everyone would make fun of me because I get to the new age a couple months after my peers.

The one year that really stood out to me is when my best friend Jesse wrote me a letter for my 18th birthday with a whole grocery list of things I've been missing out on because I wasn't "legal".

The letter was hilarious going in depth on a whole bunch of stupid things even till this day I haven't embarked on half of the things listed on the letter like:

Going sky diving
Buying fireworks
Changing my name lol

When writing a letter to a friend focused around their age its definitely important to know your friend and know how they're even feeling about their new age. 

I know once we start reaching those later years in life some of us don't take the stature as gracefully as others. In your playfulness be sure to leave a word of encouragement or two for those friends who are DREADING 30 or 40 or 50 or whatever age they are being blessed with.

With this type of letter try to come up with something original, creative, and kind but most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

2.) Super Secret Inside Joke:

Inside jokes have to be the most genuine form of communication between true friends.

Just think of all the instances you just looked at your friend and straight busted out in laughter from a situation that occurred that mimicked anything close to a shared inside joke from the past.

I wrote a letter to a friend recently and the entire thing would look like code to an outsider looking in on it.

Sending an inside joke letter is a perfect way to share old sentiments that the both of you value in a really funny way.

I always remember seeing my friend's parents doing the cheesiest things with them and their reaction to those instances are things we still talk about today.

Bringing up a secret inside joke in a letter will forever be an entertaining way to get your friends thinking down memory lane with laughter and tears of joy!!!

Don't be afraid to go wayyy back for this type of letter.

3.) Clowning Current Events Letter: 

No matter what in this world... The one thing I can guarantee you is something funny is happening SOMEWHERE. Whether there is an event you went to by yourself.

Or whether it was an event you and your friend shared together.

Even if its something they might have no idea about!!! Sending a letter sharing your experience on an event they would be interested in.

IN THE FUNNIEST WAY POSSIBLE can always be a beautiful way to lighten up someone's day.

I received a message recently about my favorite musician and it was priceless. Turns out not only did my friend catch my favorite artist live before I ever got the chance to:

But he in detail explained how he fell off the stage and tried so hard to finesse the situation with swag.

When I TELL YOU I was LAUGHING OUT LOUD l was literally laughing out loud, no quite "lol".

Her making me super jealous of missing my favorite musician live is definitely an avenue you can play with when writing your own current events type letter.

And like me I know a lot of us might not have the time to hit all of the latest concerts to share the experience with our friends. But we are on our phones and televisions regularly so feel free to share a funny situation from there.

Get detailed on this one and bring in some humor when sharing your opinion on the event!!!

4.) Completely Wasting their time Letters:

Completely wasting their time letters are a bit more controversial then the rest, but for my pranksters out there THIS IS A MUST. Growing up I can't help but remember all of the chain text messages about some elaborate story line I fell into...

Then by the end of reading it all the author reveals that the entire message was a lie and then abruptly ends the message...

I used to fall victim to these long tail messages because I'm always a sucker for a good story.

When trying to carry out this type of message to a friend your story has to be on point. Once your friend sees that the envelope has your name on it with your return address the chances of them trusting your letter is through the roof.

Make sure whatever it is your writing about is super compelling before you ultimately shattering their vision for what the letter actually means into pieces.

When it comes to story telling always think in terms of:
Who What Where How and When

When coming up with your story. You won't run out of story juice if you embark upon answering these 5 questions.
Here's ten plot lines you can play with:
1.) Explain a character in your favorite video game, and…
2.) Your sibling comes to town and brings an unexpected surprise…
3.) You are a babysitting and find out the family are aliens...
4.) Your job told you that you're moving across the country.
5.) An huge insect comes into the room, and…
6.) At work, your co-workers decided to wage a prank war against one another....
7.) You got a pet frog that spits gold…
8.) You found your pastor at the casino and...
9.) At the beach you spotted a mermaid, and you....
10.) Every night in your neighborhood, something strange happens...

Again be sure to let your friend know that you were playing at the end of any of these plot lines unless you were really babysitting aliens!!!

5.) Tell A Story About Your Kids:

Children, we all love the children. For those who don't have kids yet it will be hard for them to comprehend how regularly outrageously funny they can be but you'd be surprised.

Even if you don't have a child yet you can totally relate through a shared babysitting experience or a younger sibling, niece or nephew. Sharing a story with a friend who's a lover of kids and all of there ball of joyness they can bring will always bring a smile to their face.

A funny story about children is a easy and fun thing to harp on while writing a letter and trying to bring a smile to a well deserving friends face.

I remember being at the family cookout last year and I walked in on two of my youngest nephews (twins) absolutely destroying the lotion in my sister's bedroom.

I couldn't help but bust out into laughter and take pics before cleaning them up.

I can't tell you the amount of funny things I've caught the twins doing they truly deserve a book for all of their mischief.

After cleaning them up and bringing them back outside to the party I wrote a letter to my sister with pictures of them absolutely drenched in lotion. 

The day she received the letter she called me in laughter explaining how its an every 3 month happening.

The photos I took I had them hand drawn and she absolutely loved the way they came out and had them framed, if you would like to do the same you can Start Here.

Still Having Trouble Coming up With a Topic ?

Figuring out a story to tell about your kids should never be a daunting task, if you ever wanted to figure an approach that best suits your friend you're writing to then just make it relevant to them.

If they have a son and you have a boy and a girl maybe send a letter sharing something funny your son did, but if their a friend that loves kids I don't think it should matter anyway.   

This will always be a great message to tell as an idea for a funny letter to write them.

Share this article with anyone who needs to send real letters from their iPhone and check out the different types of letters you can send below. Have a great rest of your day!!!

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