How To Write A Friendly Letter

4 Easy Steps

What you'll learn

  1. What is the format of a friendly letter?
  2. What are the 5 parts of a friendly letter?
  3. How do you start a friendly letter?
  4. How do I start a letter to someone?

Writing A Friendly Letter is Heartfelt

Writing a friendly letter is a fun way to show authentic appreciation for someone you care about. In this you'll learn how to structure your letter and even if you don't have any ideas on what to write about we have plenty to share!!! 

How to write a friendly letter: Quick Video Guide

In this video you'll learn how to send a one of a kind friendly letter and some hacks on how to make your life way easier by sending them straight from your iPhone.


1.) You need a Pen

2.) A Paper

3.) And an Envelope

Or to send your friend a letter super easy from your cell phone start right here!!!

Cool Colors Stand Out:

Depending on how creative you are, your paper and envelope can range from basic notebook paper to an array of different fancy types of colors and textures be sure to stand out and have fun!!!

After you choose your writing utensils and canvas it's time to go over your letter structure. Writing a friendly letter is super easy, we break it down to..

Format in 3 Parts:

  1. Header
  2. Body
  3. Footer


This is where your Header will go on your paper:

Now this is an informal letter so your header won't matter as much but here's the typical guidelines: You'll need an address, date and title. 

*These are all optional being that this is an informal letter.*

Address + Date

You have your address and today's date to start in the top right hand corner:


Your title to your letter is the general theme you want your letter to be, whatever you want to relay you can briefly summarize in your title. As an informal letter a title isn't completely necessary but with the right approach they can be really fun!!! That being said if you wanted to Title your letter there's plenty of fun ways to title it.


  1. You won't believe this happened to me
  2.  Saturday Night was everything
  3. WOW, I  love you

Or Whatever have fun with your title to your friend 

Put your Title to your letter in this region right here on your paper:


This is where the Body for your letter will go:

Again this is an informal letter so the way you approach the body text is all about how you and you friend communicate best.

*In your body text this is where you will relay the meat of your message.*

Your body text can range from a single word, to a sentence or all the way to multiple page paragraphs, however much you have to write to your friend make sure its all here.

Quick Ideas:

  1. Super fun time at the beach you recently had.
  2. Try to ask for their opinion on a field they understand better than you. 
  3. Give your friend some long overdue compliments.
  4. Share a funny story from class.
  5. Send congratulations on new accomplishments.
  6. Tell about  some new facts you've just read that you think your friend would also enjoy.

Sometimes: All you really need to say is...

Letter Length + More Letter Ideas

How long should your letter be ? Letters should be long right? wait so you hear letter and you automatically assume a long message? Well I don't know who told you that lie because letters like movies have nothing to do with the duration because we can all sit and watch a good movie for hours because it's about the content.

The letter that you are writing is typically for someone you care about and for everyone you care about you have a certain language you speak with only them. There's concepts I can get across to my friends in three words that might take me a couple of paragraphs to explain to a complete stranger.

So it's not about the amount you right but it's about the content that's written and we use different language to speak with everyone but as long as the message you're trying to relay is received the letter is complete. If you're stuck on ideas to write to your friend check out 5 funny types of letters to write a friend for a bunch of ideas!!!


This is where your Footer is located:

This includes but is not limited to your closing remarks, signature and p.s. also known as postscript. All just basically where you leave your best regards/nice words and then your name. There's a multitude of ways to go about this.


  1.  More formally : Sincerely, Allison
  2.  Less formally : Deuces, Allison
  3.  Most accurately : From your realest point guard of all time, BABY G 🙂

Quick Video Guide:

If you still need assistance on writing your friendly letter or you're more of a visual person, watch Alison breakdown how to write a friendly letter super easy!!!

In this video you'll learn some hacks on how to make your life way easier by sending letters straight from your iPhone.

*Skip To The End a super easy way to send a beautiful letter done from your phone.*

Addressing The Envelope

Addressing your letter and shipping it off isn't the hardest thing in the world but to guarantee your letter makes it to your friend you want to make sure it's done the right way. Here are the basic guidelines to addressing your envelope.

  1. Their name and address 
  2. Your name and address
  3. Postage placement and amount

Return Address

You have the space on the envelope so that in case your letter does not make it to your friend postal services will know where to send the letter back to. This is called a return address and it's located here:

Their Address

The address field that has your friends name and address in it is located in the center of the envelope here:


Every letter and parcel that we plan to put in the mail requires postage, this will vary according to the size and the weight of your letter or package. The location of your stamp for your standard letter is located in the top right hand corner here:

(Standard letter postage will also vary depending upon where your friend is located.)

Addressing Problems + Tips


Pricing in the US for your letter or letter and package will vary. USPS displays there prices here if you want to get an idea of prices before going to the post office. If you do not have enough postage on something like an international letter you will have it returned and after all that work that's never fun so check the chart and make sure you have enough.

The Right Address

The most important aspect of the envelope is the address of the individual you're sending it to. Always make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of their home address apartment or whatever living arrangement they currently have.

Special Codes or Landmarks

If you were to be sending a letter to the United Kingdom they have these codes that represent certain areas like this: SW1A 2AA if you wanted to send it to somewhere specific like London. So be sure to get as much information about their living situation as possible especially if they're not located in the states more details on how to address your letter domestically or foreign here.

Sending to Family in Service ?

Make sure all mail you are sending to any military base has all the details required to make sure your message or parcel gets to the hands of your loved one. These fields include but are not limited to full name ( middle initial to be safe) PSC number unit number, ship name after writing City name you could put APO (Air/Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office) or DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) depending on your loved one's vocation serving state can be included or replaced by AA (Armies in the Atlantic ),AE (Armed Forces Europe) or AP (Armed Forces Pacific).Lastly the ZIP code of the location full zip code if applicable.

Real Letters From Your Phone!!!


If you want to send your friend a letter in a couple of minutes without having to go through the hassle of actually writing and mailing it Text A Letter makes it super easy to not only have it written and sent but will also have your photo hand drawn by a bunch of talented artist check out how to make a letter with them here.


Real Life

Quick Tutorial Video (3 min)

Send Real-Art With Letter

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Real-Art From Phone

Military Love

Choose the most heartfelt photo and upload in app so it can be hand drawn by a team of extremely talented artists.
Thanks for learning from us now you're a friendly letter writing MASTER. Share this with anyone who needs this information and use your new skills to spread as much love as possible!!! Thank you.
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