10 Creative Love Letter Ideas

10 Creative Love Letter Ideas to Blow Your Loved One Away!

So you want to write a creative love letter?

Excellent! Letters have a special way of expressing and conveying strong feelings from one to another, especially feelings of love.

Let's start with ideas...

Here's  types of creative love letters to write a well-deserving loved one.

10 Types of Creative Love Letters 

1.) Rhyming Love Letter

2.) Famous Poetry Love Letter 

3.) Inside Jokes Love Letter

4.) Anonymous Love Letter

5.) Describing Your Loved One Love Letter

6.) Cheesy Quotes Love Letter

7.) Similes and Metaphors Love Letter 

8.) Anecdotal Love Letter

9.) Romantic Memories Love Letters

10.) Add an Inspired Drawing Love Letter

If these titles are all you needed to get the creative juices flowing then go ahead and start writing your letter!!!

Why You Should Write a Creative Love Letter ?

Love Letters

A love letter can be for anyone you care about in your life and can evoke heartfelt feelings better than any text would. Whether you are a seasoned writer of love letters or are writing one for the very first time, you may be looking for ideas to best express your love on paper.

Starting from scratch can be intimidating! But don’t worry you’re not alone and there are plenty of tricks you can use to help give your writing a boost and make your letter all the more special for your loved one.

This is particularly true today in the age of instant communication. 

Let's Get Started...

There’s no right or wrong way to write a love letter, but there are several creative writing techniques you can try to make your letter even more memorable for your loved one.

Before We Write: Quickly Think About Your Partner

The first step is to first reflect on your relationship with your loved one or significant other. Consider the things you enjoy most about them but also what they enjoy too. Are they a diehard rom com fan? Do they love your corny jokes?


The style letter your loved one would most enjoy definitely might range, check out this list of love letter ideas to make your love letter all the more special!

How to Send a Real Life Letter From Your iPhone ?

Step 1.) Download Text A Letter
Step 2.) Choose Letter Format
Step 3.) Add Artwork To Letter
Step 4.) Build Your Letter 
Step 5.) Address it
If you prefer a visual, the app tutorial video below will break it down quickly

Try These 10 Creative Love Letters

1.) Rhyming Letter

A little rhythm never hurt!!!

Rhyming is a great and fun way to make an impression on paper and anyone can do it! The words can be your own, or you can reference a favorite song or poem.

For additional structure, you can follow a rhyme scheme which is a common poetry technique. For example you could use an ABAB rhyme scheme in which the ending word of every other line rhymes.

Rhyming Structure:

Roses are Red (A)

Violets are blue (B)

Chivalry’s dead (A)

But my heart’s true (B)

Short Example:
Mommy of all mommies I know you work hard and the kids know it too take Friday off so I can really love you!!! 

2. Famous Poetry

If you’re experiencing some writer’s block, as everyone does,  you can always turn to the great poets to have your back. 

From Shakespeare, to Oscar Wilde, to Rupi Kaur, there are so many great poems from amazing authors to choose from. You’ll have no problem finding one that best expresses your flavor of love.

If you’re into classical poetry, ballads by Shakespeare are a great source of love literature! But there’s nothing like a classic love song everyone can recognize and relate to.

I would not wish any other companion in the world but you -William Shakespeare

3. Inside Jokes

Inside Jokes are a great way to make your loved one smile. You can use an inside joke to tell a story and keep your letter lighthearted or from feeling overly romantic.

This method is also best if your loved one is the type to gag at over-the top instagram proposals or mushy anniversary posts. To each their own!

Inside jokes are also great to use if you’re writing to a family member or old friend you may not have seen in a while. There’s nothing like a funny memory to throw back to the good old times.

I had some fire toast without the fire toast while I’ve been in Brazil and their avocado. (Inside Joke: Their toaster caught on fire 10 years ago in their first apartment lol.) 

4. Anonymity

Writing an anonymous love letter can be mysterious and exciting if you wish to share your feelings but remain unknown to the recipient.

If you don’t know the address of the person you wish to send your letter to you can leave it in a place you know they would find it or give it to a mutual friend to pass on to them.

I love you
 - A

5. Describing Him/Her

Describing your loved one is an extra romantic way to make your love letter more intimate. Try to be descriptive as possible by using creative adjectives.

You can start by describing their physical features and go on to describe all the things you like about their personality. Make them feel loved and beautiful!

Your smile is almost as bright and radiant as your heart thank you for shining so bright!!!

6. Cheesy Quotes

Cheesy quotes or pickup lines might not be your first thought when it comes to romance, but they do make people smile! And a smile is an expression of love

For cheesy pick up line inspiration, try watching a few episodes of any 90’s sitcom.

I’ve never really been fond of pennies, nickels and quarters, but dimes? OMG thanks for being my dime since grade school. 

7. Similes and Metaphors​

Similes and metaphors are a literary device where you compare a subject to something, or in this case your loved one to a beautiful sunrise.

Using similes and metaphors really help to get the creative juices flowing when you are struggling to think of expressive words for your love letter.

Your courage keeps me warm inside my loving lion!!!  

8. Anecdotal Approach

Anecdote or a short personal story is a way to let your partner or significant other see the world through your eyes. What you show them is up to you! You could tell the story of the first time you noticed them or your perspective of what it was like to grow up in the same neighborhood

With anecdotes, you can make it as lighthearted or personal as you wish all based on your experience.

Having you across the street while we would do that morse code thing we used to do was literally the funnest thing in the world at the time. The things we use to say, if only our parents understood lol

9. Romantic Memories

Romantic memories are somewhat similar to anecdotes, except these revolve more around romantic moments with your loved one. This is great if you’re celebrating an anniversary and wish to reflect on a favorite moment, especially if you’ve been together for a while!

Yeah eating the wedding ring and ending up at the hospital definitely wasn’t the most fun but these last 20 years were amazing and I honestly wouldn't even take away from the whole hospital experience, it definitely built character 🙂

10. Add an Inspired Drawing

Images can express when words fail us. Wanna give your letter some additional creative flare but you’re all out of words? Add a drawing! Everyone enjoys a bit of custom art.

It can be anything from a small doodle with a few flowers to a whole page portrait! The only limit is your own imagination. And if you wish to include a bit of artwork with your letter but aren’t the best at drawing, you can always ask for help from local artists!

Beautiful couple 
(Hand drawn by our artist Casey)
While everyone enjoys hoards of Instagram DMs or emoji filled texts, when you are looking to say something special nothing compares to the act of putting time and thought into hand-written words.

That's All Of Them...

There you have it! 10 ways to help you write the awesome and creative love letters for anyone who is important in your life. These are by no means the only ways to write a love letter, but are great places to draw inspiration from if you’re just starting out.

And if you’re a more experienced procurer of love letters, try combining some of these methods! Surely any loved one would be impressed by an original poem about your honeymoon vacation in Jamaica. You get the idea, now go forth and write!

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