5 Awesome Letters to Send to a Good Friend

Good friends are the people in our lives that make us feel loved and heard.

What better way to make a good friend feel special than with a letter that comes from the heart?!

Whether you and your BFF live next door or in different countries the bond of friendship is precious.

Like any good friendship or relationship, love is necessary for it to grow and flourish.

Okay, a letter might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of ways to make your bestie feel extra special.

The same way you would write a long message in you bestie’s yearbook each summer, a letter is your chance to tell your friend how much they mean to you.

Sometimes you want to say something that too special and important for a text.

Your letter can be as serious and formal, or casual and silly as your friendship!

Here are five different awesome letters you can send to your BFF:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Thinking about you
  3. Childhood memories
  4. Inside Jokes
  5. Appreciation Letter

No matter what how you wish to express yourself in your letter, any of these five letters will make your friend feel extra special.

Scavenger Hunt Letter

Take your friend on a wild goose chase with a scavenger hunt letter!

Making up a scavenger hunt is not as hard as you might think.

There are a lot of different ways to do a scavenger hunt both for kids and adults.

First, you’ll want to make it at least 3 steps long.

Each step should be a riddle related to your friendship that your friend will be able to easily think of.

Next, each step should lead to the next. Here’s an example

1. Inside your favorite childhood piggy bank you’ll find your first clue: the old blue friendship bracelet I made for you!

2. The clue is the bracelet, so you’ll know where to look to find our old high school year book!

3. On the page of our track team photo is where you’ll find a 2 tickets to a concert of your favorite kind!

You can also get your other friends or family to help you out by asking them to be ‘gatekeepers’ for your clues.

You can make it as simple or complex as you want, just try to keep it short enough so your friend can finish it within a few hours.

‘Thinking about you’ Letter

Maybe you haven’t seen your good friend in a while and wanna check in on them but also make them feel warm and fuzzy.

Let your friend know you’ve been thinking about them and wish them well no matter the distance or separation.

In this type of letter you can take a trip down memory lane or tell your friend all your favorite things about them.

Whatever you choose to write, the goal is to let your friend know that they have been on your mind and to make them feel cherished!

Even with modern social media, we all miss our friends sometimes!

Especially as an adult, with everyone’s hectic schedules, its hard to get in the quality friend time we would like.

Writing a letter is more memorable than a text and will last forever!

This type of letter works great if you want to get back in touch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Childhood Memories

We all have those good friends who have been by our side since childhood!

Its the best friends who your grew up with and would always visit each others houses, even on school nights!

One of the best ways to pay tribute to one of your longest lasting friendships is by taking a trip down memory lane with pieces from your childhood.

Whatever are your fondest memories of being young with your bestie is something you can write about!

Maybe its that time you both wandered off during the 5th grade museum field trip or maybe that time in summer camp when you went kayaking.

Whatever time you remember fondly and makes you smile will make them smile!

Add an extra special touch to your childhood memory letter by added a fun illustration or picture your memory!

The more descriptive and more imagery you put in your letter them stronger the memory your friend will get to enjoy.

Inside Jokes

Remember that time you tripped in front of their high school crush and it became both of your go-to inside joke for the whole school year?!

Okay maybe it wasn’t that specifically, but all close friends have inside jokes.

Inside jokes are what make a friendship strong because its a language that just you guys share!

I recommend adding as many inside jokes as possible to your inside joke letter for maximum laughs.

This is a great way to cheer up a friend who might be going through a hard time and is in need of a pick me up.

Appreciation Letter

Last but not least, an appreciation letter is a great way to show your friend that you are truly thankful for having them in your life.

How you think is the best way to express your appreciation totally depends on the nature of your relationship.

Some friendships are all about sarcastic jokes some friendships are all about talking zen and positivity.

The tone you think is best is up to you. Just be sure to use the words “thank you”, obviously!

Another tip to making an appreciation letter is include a gift!

It can be a drawing of your friends favorite movie star or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Either way, adding a gift for your bestie will be like icing on the cake of an awesome appreciation letter that they can keep forever.

Two smiling feamale friends hugging each other on the beach

Reasons to send a friendly letter

You can make these five types of friend letters anytime and for no reason at all, but there are plenty of celebratory reasons to use them as well!

Here is a list of ideas for sending your friend an awesome letter:

  • birthday
  • friend anniversary
  • holiday
  • graduation
  • baby shower
  • engagement
  • high school reunion
  • house warming
  • new business

We hope you give these a try!