Should You Write a Sympathy Letter to Your Ex?

Thinking About Sending a Sympathy Letter to your Ex ?

Your ex has just lost a loved one.

Giving your ex words of encouragement that acknowledges that they’re going through tough times and that they are not alone can really make their world during this hard time in their life. 

How to Write a Sympathy Letter to your Ex ?

Death is a thing that is received differently by everyone and it’s important to not assume how it has affected your ex, instead assure them that you are an outlet for them to vent or at least a person that wishes them well during these tough times.

Should you send a sympathy letter to your ex after they've lost a loved one?

Here are a couple of ideas and a few things to consider if you are thinking you should write a sympathy letter to your ex.

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Think it's Awkward to Send a Sympathy Letter to your Ex ?

If you’ve not been in contact with your ex for a while, writing a letter can sound like an intimate idea. Most likely you will feel a little funny about it at first but to answer if you should write a sympathy letter to your ex you have to answer this question first:

Is there any lingering resentment or malice towards your old partner ? If so, this guide will not help you and you should focus on figuring that out within yourself before reading this and giving a letter a try.

But the best way to shake off these funny feelings is by being 100% real with yourself.

If you’ve both parted ways and really live in peace then send the letter. Don’t be scared of feelings that are nowhere near as strong as they were when you were together every day.

Send a nice sympathetic letter as a human rather than an ex. 

Reaching out to an Ex after Death ?

You wish them nothing but love? Good. It's time to reach out.

When tragedy strikes your ex and you want to send real sympathy, a message digitally can come across as cold: Emails are too formal and can come across like an obligation, texts are stale and can build up  in an inbox with no answer when tragedy strikes.

We recommend a letter.

A letter is that warm reassurance that everything will be okay in your own words. It carries an emotion that might not fix everything but it will certainly ease someone’s pain. 

We can never underestimate the pain of losing someone until and unless we have been through the same. Be cautious, do not use any word or language that could come off as disconnected or inconsiderate. Choose your words carefully you want to be received well and not negatively.

Example of Reaching out after a Death Letter: We can never bring the dead back to life but they always remain with us in forms like emotions and memories. No words can fill this void but I hope you feel my small token of reassurance. Your mom loved you more than anything and I hope when she comes to mind you will remember her with a smile on your face so she can smile right back at you from heaven.

Send a Real Life Sympathy Letter From Your iPhone ?

Step 1.) Download Text A Letter
Step 2.) Choose Letter Format
Step 3.) Add an Inspiring Drawing
Step 4.) Build Your Letter 
Step 5.) Address it
If you prefer a visual, the app tutorial video below will break it down quickly.

How to Approach Wording your Letter ?

How to Approach Wording your Letter ?

Words can be the most powerful driver of emotion and you really want to do a reality check and make sure there is no lingering hate or malice in your heart as this can unconsciously come out in the words you choose while writing your letter. 

Your letter doesn’t need to be too formal, just keep in mind that you are being compassionate towards a person who’s really going through it. 

This is a letter to your ex and you know the way that’s most receptive for him/her. You truly want to completely kill your ego and meet them where they’re at in order to be received genuinely.

Example on Approaching Letter: It shook me after I heard about what you went through. I can understand it is a tough time for you and it might not seem like it right now, but you will get through this. Your spirit is strong and you will pull through..... 

4 Types of Sympathy Letters (With Examples)

4 Types of Sympathy Letters (With Examples)

1. What to Say to an Ex who lost a Parent ?

If your ex lost their mother or father you want to give them referential love. We all have that mother/father figure in our lives even if they are not our actual parents. While writing this letter you want to imagine what it would feel like to lose a parent and give them that consideration.

Example Letter to Ex who lost Parent: No one can take their place or fill Hellen’s void. Everyone would say that time heals if you need to you should let it all out and cry as much as you need to because that will help lift the weight off your heart. Remember to keep them close to your heart so the lessons you’ve shared live on forever with you.

2. Sending Condolences to an Ex-Friend ?

Personally, I believe that broken friendships can hurt more than a broken heart. Reaching out to a person whom you call an ex-friend is a noble way to honor the good days you’ve spent together. The way an old friend can potentially console your pain, nobody else could. 

Bring up the things that will really make them smile and try your best to transfer your most authentic love.

Example of Letter to Ex Friend: It broke my heart after finding out about what had happened. You must have been going through a terrible time, I don’t even know how to muster the courage and offer condolences. I remember all the times she’d run after us in the backyard with water balloons. It really seems like a dream and I don’t want to believe it AT ALL. I just hope wherever she is, that powerful love that she gives is shooting all over you. Gloria is proud of you, let me assure you about that. Please don’t give up and allow the sea of sadness to rupture your bright light. Life will get easier and easier as we keep her warm glow alive in our hearts.

3. Sending Condolences when Ex-Boyfriend’s Father Died ?

Losing a father or even a father figure can be extremely life altering. It can be like losing a backbone, a rock. This letter will not replace the pain you're ex-boyfriend is going through but you want to really help them know that they are loved and that his father’s efforts really helped form the man he his today and he should never forget it. Remind him that the lessons he’s learned are lessons that he should carry on for life

Nobody can truly understand what he’s going through, but if you’ve lost your father give him reassurance of the process you had to go through internally. He might be in a morbid state of numbness and helplessness but you can assure your ex that they are not alone

Example Letter to Ex-Boyfriend when his Father Dies: Hearing about your father’s death was a huge shock. The world has lost a man who knew how to spread smiles. He is irreplaceable. It really made me sad when I heard the news. Your life’s going to change and I am sure there will be a thousand questions in your mind. I know you might think this is the end and there is no path from here but I assure you there is. There always is a way out, I had to find one when my father left earth unexpectedly. I hanged out with Melisa and Olivia a lot during that time. I won’t ask you to be brave, you are allowed to express whatever you are feeling at the moment but just remember that it will get better, it always does.

4. Sending Condolences for the Death of an Ex-Husband

A husband or a wife plays a role that no one else can and losing a life partner can feel like losing a piece of your heart. If you are offering condolences to a friend or even an ex on the death of their husband, make sure you tune into maximum remorse so you don’t make a mistake by hurting them in any way. 

Give his women the love that he knows you’re capable of so he can smile at you from the other side.

Example Condolences Letter to Ex Husband's Wife: I know losing family is hard but losing Richard so unexpectedly is different different. I know we cannot understand your pain but trust me we are here for you in this troubled time. Everyone in the house stopped everything they were doing when they heard the news and we all feel for you more than deeply. Rachel you are strong, if you need anything i’m nothing more than a call away. I’ll be checking up on you soon, I hope you receive this well. Talk to you soon beautiful

Go and Write your Sympathy Letter with Compassion!!!

Life is better when we are being empathetic and kind, the world needs these emotions more now than ever. With this guide, we hope you’ll get your message across with genuine care and compassion

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