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Write a Letter From Your iPhone: 5 Steps

In this you will quickly know how to send beautiful letters from your iPhone.Requirements- iOS Device- Have a letter to write in mind- Have a Photo to be hand drawn (optional)How To Send Your Letter:Step 1.) Download Text A LetterStep 2.) Choose Letter FormatStep 3.) Add Artwork To LetterStep 4.) Build Your Letter Step 5.) Where’s It Going […]

Best Way to Write an Introductory Letter – 5 Different Types

Writing an introductory letter, as common as it seems, can be very tricky. It happens to be one of the most intimidating things job hopefuls face in their careers that haven’t even started.You want to make the best introduction by getting it done the right way and we have the steps to get you there […]

How To Write A Friendly Letter

Let’s learn how to write a friendly letter, so your friend can get that message you’ve been waiting to send!!!Writing A Friendly Letter is HeartfeltWriting a friendly letter is a fun way to show authentic appreciation for someone you care about. In this you’ll learn how to structure your letter and even if you don’t […]

5 Funny Types of Letters to Write a Friend

Writing can always seem a bit intimidating but let’s kill the tension and have some fun!!!Here’s five types of letters to write a well-deserving friend.1.) Play with age birthday letter2.) Super secret inside joke letter 3.) Clowning current events letter 4.) Completely wasting their time letters5.) Tell a story about your kidsIf these titles are all you needed to get the creative […]